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Tesla Electrical Solutions is the name to remember in the Vernon, New Jersey area when you’re looking for affordable and reliable residential or commercial electrical solutions for your home or business.

As specialists in installing new residential or commercial electrical systems in the Vernon, New Jersey area, our electricians are experts in electrical & wire repairs, lighting installations & upgrades, solar PV installations, electronic vehicle charging stations, home automation or “smart” systems, and all the regular electrical services you expect to find locally.

We serve both homeowners and commercial business owners for single-family homes, multiple homes, apartments, health care facilities, retail stores, restaurants, educational facilities, hotels, malls, arenas, stadiums, or other buildings. Tesla Electrical Solutions is the Vernon electrician who is dedicated to producing the highest quality services so our community stays safe in their environments and all the electrical power needs are met.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs can include repairs made to your lighting, wiring, electrical connections, outlets, switches, ceiling fan connections, and more. Professional electrical repairs are handled a experienced electrician from Tesla Electrical Solutions to take care of any problems you have with your current system. Stay safe in your environment by rewiring old electrical systems, change out old lighting, take care of any electrical upgrades you need, or fix switches and outlets.

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Lighting Installation

There’s no time like the present to get started on a positive program that will make a big difference in your lighting situation in your Vernon home or business. We can add additional lighting or install for a new building. Have a brighter, more controllable lighting system so you can see where you need to, create mood where you want, add some fun for the family, and have healthier lighting options for everyone’s well being.

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Why New Jersey Trusts Tesla Electrical Solutions

At Tesla Electrical Solutions, our community and the relationships we build with our customers is important to us. We take care of our customers well, offering competitive rates for our services handled by some of the best electricians you can find in the Vernon area. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed on our workmanship and we offer you honest free estimates for your electrical projects.

We keep up to date with all the latest in new technology for your home or business electrical systems so we can always be your go-to team when you want upgrades or need to install new equipment to power your EV, your “smart” systems, or solar systems.

Tesla Electrical Solutions is an independently owned, fully licensed electrician located in Vernon, NJ, providing full electrical services. Our electricians are licensed by the NJ Board of Electrical Contractors and fully-qualified to excel in all phases of the electrical industry so when you need anything electrical in the Vernon area, you can call Tesla Electrical Solutions!


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If you are looking for a professional electrician in the Vernon, New Jersey area, the please call us at 888-798-3752 or fill out our online request form.